Wednesday, August 6, 2008

William Martin at the Knight Auditorium, Barnstable High School

We thought we'd share this animated shot of author William Martin, discussing his book "Cape Cod" at Barnstable High School on July 20th...


Anonymous said...

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diane said...

Haven't read this book, but love Martin's historical fiction. I'd suggest linking the book images to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or some other online book site.

Re. the historical aspect, my husband & I have done presentations in our area of upstate NY, and one of the most popular activities is dressing children up in period costumes. These can be simple adaptations of appropriate garb - parents love to take pictures of their kids in fancy dress!

Having three age-appropriate choices is a wonderful idea. Maybe you could have a town-wide celebration, including the food, history, regional a county fair.

If I can help from afar, please let me know.